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Is there anything better than transparency in pricing?  It is not common enough these days and even less common in the home repair industry


My goal is to include a solid estimate of the more common and most common requests on my site.  Of course, every job is not the same, and consequently, not all prices are the same from job to job.  But by providing a solid idea of a service's costs before they contact me, my clients can rest assured that I do not set my pricing based upon their home's value or the kind of cars parked in their driveway.

Taking the mystery out of pricing

1. Bid Pricing

Usually only for non-standard and multi-day projects, i.e., deck construction or building a treehouse for the kids. 


2. Standard Pricing

*Price can decrease if there are multiple projects.

Level NB.png
Wall Hangings

Flat TV Mounting $125

Picture/Mirror Hanging $15 each

Large Mirrors & Pictures ~ $75-100

Blinds / Curtains hung ~ $50 - $75


Pre-Hung Inside/Outside  $200/$350

Interior replacement - $120 (Door Only)

Door Knob / Deadbolt  - $75

Pet Entry in a door or wall $125 - $250

Light Fixture

Light fixture replacement $75

Light switch replacement  $50

Can lighting Installation $75 per light

LED Upgrade (with bulbs) $5.50 ($50 min.)

Wheel Barrel

Sprinkler head replacement - $85

Hose spigot replacement - $75

Gate rebuild - $200

Yard cleanup ~ $50 - $75 per load

(+ County Dump Fee)

AdobeStock_Dishwasher Y.jpg

Range Hood Stove or Microwave $115/$145

Ceiling Fan Replace/Install $100 - $150

Faucet Bathroom/Kitchen $100/$125

Garbage Disposal Replacement $125

Dishwasher  $150

Attic Ladder $250 - $350

Toilet Replacment $135 

Cabinet/ Drawer pull / Knob installation ~ $5 - $10 per pull

Fence Work

So many variables, with that in mind:

$5 - $25 per linear foot


So many variables, with that in mind:

$2 - $4 per square foot

* Price Estimate for installations does not include taking/hauling the old equipment away.  It is typically around $25 depending on the item and the county waste disposal fee charged at the county dump yard. 

The list of services I can help you with can get pretty lengthy, so I do not include them all here.  The good news is, I have a supplementary Pricing Guide with a more exhaustive list of repairs and estimated pricing!  If you have something in mind and do not see it listed on my site, please message me, and let's see if I can help!


•  Senior Discount: 10% off labor for clients age 65+ and Waived Quote Fee
•  Military & First Responder Discount: 10% 

•  Primary Education and Health Worker Discount: 10%


In addition to these discounts, I typically run a monthly discounted service that is most applicable during that time of year.  I email these codes to those that subscribed to my email and I post them on my social media pages.


DIY Community Outreach: We have all known someone that could use a hand in life.  Sometimes that help doesn't come and you have to Do It Yourself.  This initiative is about providing services for those who can use a hand and provides services to the elderly, infirm, and families struggling through hardship that might not otherwise have access to those services.

Operation Mindful Compassion: Mindfulness is our mission; everyone should have an opportunity to improve their mental wellness every day. This is even more true for those of us that serve our community in ways that increase the chance of traumatic experiences. 


There is a $50 surcharge for emergency and after-hours service calls and for travel to extended service areas (outside Ogden Valley and North Ogden) and this work is by exception.

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