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Utah Handyman Requirements and Limitations

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

In most states, there is a limitation on the dollar value of a job you can work on without a contractor’s license. In Utah, that amount is $1,000. Since I am registered we can do jobs up to $3,000 as long as those jobs do NOT include:

  • Electrical work

  • Plumbing work

  • HVAC work

  • Alarm system work

  • Radon mitigation or soil depressurization

  • Jobs that are considered to significantly impact the public’s health, safety, and welfare.

I am a product of Arkansas public schools, so bear with me, but the way I read the Laws and Rules, is that I can do "minor" plumbing and electrical repairs. In example, replace faucets and appliances, fix toilets, etc. as long as I am not modifying piping or dealing with a gas appliance. So, no new installation of plumbing fixtures and no modifying piping.

And for electrical, I can do some minor electrical work as long as they are incidental to some sort of other install. In example, the electrical required to install a pre-built hot tub or dishwasher and installing a ceiling fan or changing a light fixture. But running or rewiring an electrical system is a hard stop.

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