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Let's Start With Why

Mindfulness, sense of community, and family responsibilities.  Liberty Rural & Agri-Service is the result of our commitment to find harmony and mindfulness in our lives and raise our children to be good human beings.  Providing a service to our neighbors was one way we could envision our goal of strengthening our family bonds while building character, perseverance, and mindfulness in our children and ourselves. 


Increasingly, I feel that a sense of community is becoming elusive for younger generations.  They are as likely to feel a sense of community in an on-line gaming platform as they are in the community where they live.  I want my sons to be part of a community, not just live in it.  One way to emphasize that is to be of service to those in our community.  Be a neighbor that a neighbor would love to have.  To think less about what our community provides us and more about what benefit we can be to our community.  I don't want them only to have sympathy; I want them to be compassionate.  The former is a feeling, the latter calls for action.  From this aspect was born our community outreach programs because, well, actions speak louder than words.


A contributor to a decreasing identity of communities is an American family dynamic that is increasingly fractured.  So, after decades of military service, it was imperative to be a constant in my wife and children's lives -- Spending quality time with them was one of my primary goals when I started this business.  Lastly, I want my boys to understand the world around us and understand where our food and water come from to sustain us, who provides it (hint: it's not Smith's Supermarket), and how to protect it. 


If you want to know more about me and our community outreach programs, look in the sub-tabs "about me" and "+ Improving LIves" tab.    

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