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If you are the type of person that wants a handyman that is there for you, not themselves, you have found the right handyman!
The reason I get out of bed in the morning is that I am excited to interact with my community and to help my clients live better lives. I believe that if you say you will do something, it should be considered done.  I treat my work as if it is my home I am improving.  I focus on the task that I am great at; If I am not great, I will let you know. I maintain that if you are not great at doing something, don't let on like you are and do not charge a professional fee for work not professionally completed.  My guiding principle is that if my work doesn't improve your life, I am not fulfilling my goal.
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How We Can Help

Owning a home or farm is the American Dream...and a lot of work. Despite our best efforts, many do not have time to keep up with so many things to repair, maintain, or build; and the to-do lists get longer with no end in sight!  It is no wonder homeowners (and property managers) prefer to outsource certain tasks to an experienced and qualified professional handyman.

By contacting Ogden Valley Home & Farm Handyman Services LLC, you get help to take some of that work off your hands! We are a Veteran and Locally-Owned Business specializing in home repair and uniquely rural agricultural services.  

Our projects are custom fit for our clients, and we are dedicated to providing high-quality work and neighborly customer service. Ogden Valley Home & Farm is fully registered, licensed, and insured so you can book with confidence. Your home and property are our work, and we take pride in both!

Who We Are

Between my wife and I, we have a combined 35 years of active military and Peace Corps service. Serving at home and abroad, we have moved on average about every two years.  In fact, we met in Korea, got engaged in Malaysia, and had our honeymoon in Afghanistan.     


Once we had children, we wanted to plant our roots and provide our children a stable life in a responsible community, and in 2020 we chose the Ogden Valley as that place.  

This is my full-time occupation, not a "side-hustle" to make extra income on nights and weekends.  We primarily offer two services: residential repair services and agricultural services.  Also, we are committed to our community outreach program.  

                                              If you want to know more, look in the "ABOUT ME" section in the "MORE" tab.     

What We Do

We improve the properties and lives of our clients.  My favorite part of my profession is the home repairs and property maintenance services I do in our community, such as the ones listed below and found on our home repair page


We also help alleviate some of the stress for owners of second homes and rental properties with our Home Watch Services, where we can keep an eye on their investment to ensure the cleanliness and safety of their property by checking in periodically to inspect for leaks, damages, and taking care of small repair items we find.  Of course, we are always happy to help property managers as well. 

As a bonus, we are more than just a handyman service; Our goal is to offer a one-call solution. We make it easy to find several hard-to-find services in one reliable local company.  You can rely on us to provide not only residential repair services and property maintenance, but also a Home Watch Program for rental properties and second homes, and our uniquely rural agri-services.  Usually, it would take three phone calls to provide what we can do with one. 

                                                                                If you want to know more about how we can help you, look in the

                                                                                "HOME REPAIR" or "AGRI-SERVICES" tab.  

Why We Are Different

I believe that what is important to you should be important to me.  Especially when it involves your home, property, and family.  Have you ever had your service provider become unresponsive or just never come back?  If we commit to your project, we stay committed.  Rest assured, we will not start working with you only to be offered a more lucrative opportunity elsewhere and leave you holding the bag.  If we cannot finish your project for any reason, we will find someone to finish it for you and pay any costs above the estimate we provided you. 


If you hire me to do the work, I do the work.  I am not a cog in a larger commercial wheel where you order a handyperson from a phone app, and someone shows up to do the work.  I do it myself and stake my livelihood on it.  The commercial handyman providers send you an employee who can find another job (or be let go) on any given day.  With me, you get a business owner in your community; I can't just leave "Handy" and go work for "Mr. Fix-it" when my poor work catches up with me. 

I believe the cost of a home improvement doesn't determine how much it will improve your life.  It is the little things that annoy you day in and day out that can really bring you down.  Understandably, it is hard for contractors to take the time on small remodels or odd-jobs when they are on a timeline to finish that million-dollar house.  For me, it is not all about the money; it is about improving homes, farms, and lives.  You will not get throw-away bids from us.  We leave the big job to the big company so that we have time to hang the pictures, fix that fence, install a ceiling fan, and all the other things that aren't worth the time to the big guys.  

                                                     If you want to know more about why I do what do, look in the "MORE" tab.    

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